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Default Re: Public Attendance in Adjudication Committee Meetings

Originally Posted by ShaunScott View Post
In a few of the workshops I have done of late, the issue of public involvement in the Adjudication processes comes up. One or two municipalities even publish the dates and times in local papers and invite the public to attend.
Whilst initially thinking that this was not a bad idea (in the spirit of transparency) I've now changed my mind.
The principle that gets compromised is "competition". In many Adjudication meetings the real difference between different bids is often discussed. Sometimes these differences relate to the competitive advantage of one supplier over another. If this is discussed at a meeting prior to the awarding of the bid, and the bid is then not awarded and a new bidding process is started, then the principles of fairness and competition are compromised.
So how then do we not compromise on the principle of transparency?
My answer is that committees must keep the discussions confidential until after the bid is awarded and only then should information be disclosed in accordance with the different "access to information" pieces of legislation.
What do you think?
I tend to agree with you Shaun - There's a question of ethics as well as professionalism involved. I agree with the public involvement - to a certian degree. I think the public involvement should be limited to the requisition of specification and the deliberation of such. When it comes to the adjudication committee - maybe members of the public should be invited to join a cross functional team (obviously pre-determined stakeholders) to scrutinise request for proposals.
My two cents.

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