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We're trying to get some consensus on the process (incl number of quotes) that buyers should obtain based on the value of items to be purchased.

A mining company I dealth with recently had the following process:
  1. A requisition is generated in SAP for non-contract goods or services
  2. The requisition follows the release approval process within SAP.
  3. If items in requisition is not on material master, a codifier creates an item on the materials master.
  4. The approved requisition is forwarded via SAP to the appropriate buyer coordinator.
  5. The buyer coordinator issues an request for proposal to approved suppliers:
  6. To one approved supplier for items below R5000
  7. To three approved suppliers for items between R5000 and R10,000
  8. Suppliers respond verbally (items below R5000) and by fax (items between R5000 and R10,000)
  9. Buyer adjudicates and places order via SAP
  10. Receiving and accounts payable follows

Any ideas on doing it differently? Point 3 could be quite hard to implement?
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