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Hello Jan,
Procurement offsets are pretty common in large projects and/or defense projects. In South Africa the National Industrial Participation Programme is a good example of an offset programme. You can find more at
In implementing an offset programme, be sure to consider the administrative and monitoring effort in such a programme.
Skills transfer is a major focus for many public sector organisations in South Africa (particularily when contracting consultants). I have found a number of success factors in such programmes to be:
  • Linking the skills transfer programme to the individual's development plan
  • Agreeing upfront the existing skills levels (down to a level of proficiency) of individuals that will be subject to the skills transfer interventions.
  • Agreeing upfront on how the success of the skills transfer initiatives will be measured (hence the need to often tie it into the existing skills development programme).
  • Agreeing upfront the effort by the subcontractor and by the organisation that will be committed to the skills transfer initiative.
Good luck, these initiatives are not easy.
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