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Default Re: Stock register for stores

Dear Tenny,
Organizations have different procedures/proces of receiving material into the store but in any case base on my experience, this is how we do it;
When an order is placed, procurement will send the details to warehouse/store and when the goods arrived the warehouse, the store man will invite the user department, the security and auditor as the case may be. The user will inspect the quality to ensure that the goods meets their specification on the Purchase Order if yes, we accept if no, COM will be raised. Yes, the store man will go ahead to confirm the quantity, off load, unpack and count, if everything is ok, all the parties will update their records, if there is any material damaged a waybill out will be raised and the vendor will be asked to replace the material in some cases the will not truncate the process. The store man will raise GRN which must be signed by all the parties - GRN serves as a confirmation to finance that the goods are actually supplied in case of payment- the GRN,Delivery note and invoice very necessary for Account sighting for payment. After checking, the store man will UPDATE HIS RECORD IMMEDIATELY in SAP, PACER W etc. the users can on their desk view what materials they have in stock, then raise SR will must be approved - pick list - before materials are issued
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